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how to keep your house clean and organized

Wondering how to keep your house clean and organized? In this article, I will share my tips and tricks on how to keep your house clean and organized. These are valuable habits that I practice to keep my place tidy. Let’s get started!

Fix a Day for Cleaning Work

My first tip is to designate a cleaning day so put on your calendar the day you plan on cleaning that week. Or if it’s ever two weeks or whatever works for you and your family and commit to that day.

For my family, we always do Saturdays for the most part; it’s just easy. My husband and I can both contribute and make the cleaning go smoother and easier. When you have it nailed down on the calendar, you know that there are no excuses and that you will get the cleaning done.

Now on top of designating a specific cleaning day, also set the chores, so maybe you’re responsible for cleaning the downstairs. Someone else is responsible for cleaning the upstairs. Or perhaps you want to split your cleaning up so if you have two stories, maybe you do the downstairs on Wednesdays and do the upstairs on Saturday.

Just figure out what works the best for you and stick to it.


Declutter Frequently

My next tip is to declutter frequently, and when I mean often. I’m talking just every day if you see something. You’re like why I even have this, or if you’re in the kitchen, you open up a drawer you’re cooking you see you have three spatulas you see you have way too many things take it out.

Don’t hang on to it when you have less stuff. You will have less stuff to clean to maintain to put away etc.


Have a Spot for Everything

My third tip is to have a designated spot in your house for everything. And I mean everything in your place. You should know where it goes, and it should have its own home. And if you have a bunch of clutter hanging around and you never put it away, you don’t know where it goes.

Maybe you don’t need it, so perhaps it’s time to declutter it.


Practice a Good Habit

My next tip is very challenging for me. It has to be something that becomes a habit. You come in from a long day. You’re tired, toss your coat on the couch. Maybe you throw your bag, or you know you bring the mail, and you leave it on the counter instead of waiting, put things away right away. As soon as you come in the house, take your coat off, put it out in the coat closet, put your bag down, put it away where your bag goes, mail goes through your mail.

Sort it take care of it any boxes, get rid of them right then in there. Don’t wait because if you wait, you will have a stack of things; then, it becomes overwhelming.


Make Your House Appear Organized

My next tip to make your house appear more clean and organized is to keep countertops and tables all surfaces clean from clutter. And this has a lot to do with the tips that I had just mentioned before. As everything has a spot and to handle everything as soon as you bring it in as soon as you set it down, please don’t set it down, put it away where it needs to go.

Deal with it. Write that if you practice this for like a week or so, it will become a habit. And it will get easier.


Have Less Stuff

My next tip is that less is more, so less stuff means less clutter, less cleaning, less everything. The less you have, the less you have to clean and take care of. I have been trying to keep my decor more simple. Anything and everything that you do not love what you don’t use, get rid of it.

I like to practice the one and one out rule with pretty much everything. For example, if I get a new dish set, my old dish set would need to be disposed of or donated. Same with clothes, so challenge yourself to the one in one out rule.


Do Weekly Swiffer

Tip number seven helps cut down on the mopping that I have to do because I have dogs. I like to do the Swiffer every week, but if I didn’t, I would probably only have to do it every other week, and this is leaving your shoes at the door. This way, you’re not tracking in germs. You’re not tracking in the dirt. It’s going to cut down on that cleaning.

You were going to have to do one thing that I am limited at my house is in my garage. I have a little shoe basket where you put your shoes in that basket as soon as you come in. When I see the basket, accuse me, okay, take off my shoes. It keeps everything organized and straightforward.


Do Vacuuming Weekly

Tip number eight I will do some vacuuming during the week I do have dogs. If your kids spill something if you’re cooking, your kitchen gets a mess, there are crumbs on the floor, or if you need to do some spot cleaning with the vacuum.


Load and Do the Dishes ASAP

Tip number nine is to load and do the dishes as you go, so typically at night, I like to run the dishwasher. Sometimes it will be in the morning. It just kind of all depends. But when it’s full, we run it when there are dishes in the sink; we immediately put them into the dishwasher. We don’t like to leave anything in the sink. We want to take care of it right then in there.

The same thing as soon as the dishwasher is done, unload those dishes get them to put away; otherwise and they will sit on your counter all week long.


Do Laundry Everyday

Another tip with the dishes what works for us in this house is I do all the laundry, my husband does all the dishes. So he is responsible for loading and putting away the dishes, and I’m responsible for doing the laundry. Now, of course, there are days when I help out with the dishes and vice versa. But it helps to split up chores if you can.

So my last and final tip today is to do one load of laundry every day. It’s going to be the laundry that never stops, but it will be more manageable. Because you will only be folding one loaded of time, and you won’t be, they’re folding like five loads at a time. Just so much easier to keep up with if you can get one load done a day.


So those are all my favorite tips and tricks on how to keep your house clean and organized.

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